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I am a personal injury and accident lawyer who helps people injured in accidents or through the negligence of others in Connecticut. My main office is in Shelton and I also have offices in Hartford and meeting locations throughout the state and can represent you or your loved one in any town in the State.

If you or a loved one has been injured, you need the assistance of a dedicated, aggressive attorney. I can be that attorney.

My team has successfully represented people in cases where:

  • Clients have been passengers in cars that have been hit
  • Clients have been rear ended by careless drivers
  • Clients have have been injured by drunk drivers
  • Clients have been hurt by the malpractice of doctors, nurses or nursing homes.

My clients are normal everyday people who, just like you, are worried about the impact of on their life of the injury they suffered and want to be compensated so they can pay for medical bills and treatment as well as the pain and suffering they endured. They span the ethnic, economic and age ranges.

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Recent Blog Post

DUI and Personal Injury

drink driving

Getting charged with a crime can be extremely stressful and frustrating – but what about being charged with two crimes at once? How are you ever going to handle two different cases pending against you at once, and how are you going to keep your sanity? The important thing in this situation is not to panic. Your first step in handling what has happened is getting informed. Knowing what you are up against will help you to remain calm and do what you need to do to build your defenses. If you have been charged with a DUI and you have a personal injury case pending against you, here’s what you need to know.

In many cases, those charged with a DUI also face other charges. For example, if you were arrested for a DUI with your child in the car, you will most likely also be charged with risk of injury to a minor. Likewise, if you cause an accident and are arrested for a DUI, you might be sued for personal injury if you caused an injury to another party. Here are the penalties that you face, and the best ways to handle this situation.

If you are charged with a DUI, you will actually have two cases pending against you – a case with the court system and a case with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Your trial or court hearing will determine if you are guilty or innocent of driving under the influence, and will determine the criminal penalties for this charge if you are convicted. The DMV hearing will determine if your license will be suspended or not. These two cases are independent of one another. In addition, if you are sued for personal injury, you will have another case pending against you. This case will be a civil case. If you are found guilty, you will have to pay compensation to the victim involved in your case. There is also a chance that if you cause an accident and injure someone else while driving under the influence, the state will charge you with assault or a similar crime.


If you are convicted of a DUI, this chart explains the penalties that you will face. You will receive fines, prison time, etc. from the court, and a license suspension from the DMV.




$500 – $1000



$1000 – $4000



$4000 – $8000



6 mos., 48 hrs. minimum mandatory, or 6 mos., suspended with 100 hrs. of community service




2 yrs., 120 days minimum mandatory and 100 hrs. of community service



3 yrs., 1 yr. minimum mandatory and 100 hrs. of community service



1 year, with the option of partial restoration with court ordered ignition interlock device after 45 days.



3 yrs. (or until you are 21 yrs. of age, whichever is longer).   Partial restoration available after 45 days with court ordered ignition interlock device, but for the first year can only drive to work/school/treatment.



Permanent Revocation unless revocation is reversed or reduced.

If you lose your personal injury case, it means that you will have to compensate the victim in the case for his or her injuries and damages. This can range from damages to the vehicle the victim was driving, or personal injuries that he or she received.

How do you handle this complex and overwhelming situation? Your best option is to contact two different lawyers – a DUI lawyer, and a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers will be able to provide the best defense possible for you and try to get verdicts of “not guilty” for you. Keeping track of 2-4 cases that are pending against you at once is extremely difficult and stressful. Instead of dealing with everything on your own, you can stay organized by having lawyers handle your case. They will be able to contact the courts, notify you of court dates, answer your questions, and build the best defense for you. To contact a DUI lawyer, click here. To contact a personal injury lawyer, contact me at 203-925-9201.