I am Attorney Jill Ruane and I am an injury lawyer in Connecticut.

I am a personal injury and accident lawyer who helps people injured in accidents or through the negligence of others in Connecticut. My main office is in Shelton and I also have offices in Hartford and meeting locations throughout the state and can represent you or your loved one in any town in the State.

If you or a loved one has been injured, you need the assistance of a dedicated, aggressive attorney. I can be that attorney.

My team has successfully represented people in cases where:

  • Clients have been passengers in cars that have been hit
  • Clients have been rear ended by careless drivers
  • Clients have have been injured by drunk drivers
  • Clients have been hurt by the malpractice of doctors, nurses or nursing homes.

My clients are normal everyday people who, just like you, are worried about the impact of on their life of the injury they suffered and want to be compensated so they can pay for medical bills and treatment as well as the pain and suffering they endured. They span the ethnic, economic and age ranges.

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Recent Blog Post

Who’s Fault is a Train Accident?


Last week, I expressed my love for gyms. This week, I want to address something else I love – trains.

I love trains.

I studied abroad in London while I was in college, and to this day, I swear, when people ask me what my favorite part of London is, I tell them the Tube (the underground subway system there). I’ve got a poster in my house that’s just a map of the Tube system. I love riding on trains – probably because I love traveling but I hate flying and driving can be a pain. I mean, would you rather drive your car into New York City, deal with traffic, crazy drivers, and ridiculous parking prices, or pay $20 to take the train and have everything taken care of for you? Um, I’ll take the train ride, please!

But, as awesome as trains are, they carry some risk. Today, I’ll be addressing the problem of train accidents and injuries that occur as a result of them. If you’ve been injured in a train accident, learn here about in what cases you can make a personal injury claim.


I’ve talked about this before, but if you can prove negligence in a case, you probably have a legitimate personal injury claim. If one or more parties involved in the train accident are at least partially responsible because of their negligence, they can be held responsible for your damages:

  • Government agency
  • Train company
  • Train employees
  • Railroad employees
  • Equipment manufacturers

Keep in mind that train accident cases are rarely straightforward. In order to recover damages from a train accident, you will have to prove what caused the accident, who is responsible, legally speaking, and you will have to take into consideration specific laws applicable to your case, as well as the statute of limitations for filing a claim. This will mean launching an investigation into the accident, gathering facts and evidence, and, on top of that, proving your injuries. Of course, all of this is possible, but it can be time consuming and costly.

Common Causes of Train Accidents

Some common train accidents that occur in the United States include:

  • Defective safety devices
  • Defective equipment
  • Negligence of train employees
  • Negligence of train operators
  • Inadequate maintenance of the train itself or it’s equipment

If the accident you were involved in occurred for one of these reasons, a personal injury lawyer with experience in train accidents has probably handled a case similar to yours.

Keep in mind that if an injury occurred because of your own negligence, the train company will not be held liable in most cases. For example, if you were injured while trying to get on or off a moving train, if you refused to wear a seatbelt, or did something else to endanger your safety, the injuries you have sustained will be your own fault and not the fault of the train company.

If you feel that you have a case to be made against a train company, contact a personal injury lawyer. Such a lawyer can help you work out the facts of your case and help you take the next step.